Excerpts from: Americanism Redux: June 20, on the journey to the American Founding, 250 years ago today, in 1774

“What never happened before, has happened now.” It’s a phrase written this week by John Dickinson, of Philadelphia, describing the course of events the past seven days in this capitol of the colony of Pennsylvania. Dickinson’s words speak to the lightning-speed pace of change that has occurred with momentum exploding for the calling of a “general congress” and strong countermeasures taken against Parliament. His words could have fit dozens of meetings in dozens of communities across the colonies in this late stage of June 1774. The question will soon emerge: how is the pace of change, the explosion, to be controlled?

So much of the answer will come down to personal decision and individual choice. It’s a moment that’s also facing Maria Mozart this week in Salzburg, Austria, where her younger brother Wolfgang urges her to break out of the grip that their father has on her music and life. Whether confronted by British colonists in America or the eldest Mozart sibling, the quest for autonomy is ever-present.

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Reference: The Remnant Trust Collection

The Remnant Trust holds an early edition of John Dickinson’s most important work, Item (#1517), entitled “Letters From A Pennsylvania Farmer.” Originally, Dickinson wrote the essay in the immediate occurrence of the controversial Townshend Acts back in the late 1760s. The essay gave him a wide audience and wider reputation as a thinker and practitioner of colonial rights. It’s not surprising, then, that as a new drive for colonial rights rumbles across the colonies, Dickinson’s foremost writing is republished and reissued. Left unknown is the extent to which John Dickinson will continue to be viewed as a colonial rights leader.

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