Excerpts from: Americanism Redux: January 4, on the journey to the American Founding, 250 years ago today, in 1774

A woman starts a school in Philadelphia. Tea is found on Cape Cod, intact and then sent into safekeeping. Two men, British bureaucrats, are also in safekeeping, a fact noted by their critics.

And voyages of different kinds involve two courageous leaders, one in a desert and another in an ocean of ice. Over it all is the condition of empire and the freedom within.

Americanism Redux, a series by historian author, Dr. Dan Miller, explores what Americanism meant 250 years ago and its significance for America today. Visit Dr Dan Miller’s website>


Reference: The Remnant Trust Collection

RT Item: #1173. “Memoirs of an Author of a Vindication of the Rights of Woman” by William Godwin, published in 1798. Among the earliest written advocacies of the rights of women, Godwin’s work would have been a cherished guide to Mrs. Morgan in her efforts as an educational businesswoman in 1774 Philadelphia.

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