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The Alcoran of Mahomet (Quran)

First English Edition. The Quran is the sacred religious text of Islam, entitled here, “The Alcoran of Mahomet.” It was published in 1649 and the translation is attributed to Scottish clergyman Alexander Ross; an additional text included in the volume bears his name. Not knowing Arabic, Ross translated the Quran from the French edition, “L’Alcoran de Mahomet,” published in 1647. It was translated by André du Ryer from Arabic; thus, this volume contains Du Ryer’s misinterpretations and errors. “The Alcoran of Mahomet” begins with a preface, “The Translator to the Christian Reader” and includes the French edition translation of the preface and “A Summary of the Religion of the Turks,” a treatise on Islamic worship and prayers. The prefaces and the translation are an interesting insight to the English and/or western observation of Islam in 17th century. The volume also includes at the end: “The Life and Death of Mahomet the Prophet of the Turks, and Author of the Alcoran” and “A Needfull Caveat of Admonition for them who desire to know what use may be made of, or if there be danger in reading, the Alcoran.”

In its original form, the Quran is widely regarded as the Arabic language’s finest piece of literature.

TITLE: The Alcoran of Mahomet (Quran)

Published: 1649

Catalogue: #0817