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Scivias Libri Tres by Hildegard of Bingen


First Edition, except were cited. This volume is entitled “Liber trium virorum & trium spiritualium virginum” and includes six texts in one volume with a woodcut title page of full length figures portraying the six authors with their renowned attributes. The volume contains a very rare first edition and first appearance in print of Hildegard of Bingen “Scivias liberi tres,” published in 1513. “Scivias” was prepared from manuscripts of the French humanist Jacques Lefevre d’Etaple; eight of which only survive today.

“Scivias” is the first of three works, others being “Liber vitae meritorum” and “De operatione Dei” (also known as “Liber divinorum operum”), that describes twenty-six religious visons that Hildegard experienced as nun and was completed between 1151 and 1152. “Scivias” includes a preface and six visions with themes of creation and the fall of man. Also included in this volume are five other works, four of which are first editions of major Medieval spiritual works: “Elizabeth virginis Libri sex,” the six books of Elizabeth of Schonau; “Vguetini Liber unus,” “Visions” by Uguetin de Metz; “Hermae Liber unus,” the second-century work “Pastor of Hermas;” “F. Roberti Libri duo,” the two books of Robert d’Uzés; and “Mechtildis virgi” and “Libri quinque,” an early edition of Mechtilde von Hackeborn’s “Liber spiritualis gratiae.”

TITLE: Scivias Libri Tres by Hildegard of Bingen

Published: 1513

Catalogue: #1207