Pints with Paine Trivia Event – Taxman Bargersville

Gratitude resonates deeply from us to Taxman Brewing and the vibrant participants who attended our Pints with Paine trivia night at Taxman Bargersville, Indiana, on March 13th, 2024. The evening unfolded with the trivia portion, featuring five riveting rounds of Thomas Paine and POTUS/Beer trivia. Amidst the trivia, our distinguished collection of historical works and documents took center stage, where attendees marveled at the privilege of being able to handle these esteemed artifacts firsthand. The accolade of victory was bestowed upon the aptly named team ‘T-Paine,’ claiming a prize courtesy of Taxman Brewing. Furthermore, The Remnant Trust delighted in presenting a random lucky guest with a 1775 $4 Colonial Bank Note as a token of our appreciation for all who attended. We want to extend another thank you to Dr. Dan Miller for his engaging stewardship as trivia host for the evening. We hope that all those who attended the event enjoyed their experience, and we are eagerly looking forward to hosting another one of these trivia nights in the coming months!

Classical works exhibition included:
  • Common Sense by Thomas Paine, 1776
  • Age of Reason by Thomas Paine, 1794
  • Rights of Man by Thomas Paine, 1792
  • The Crisis by Thomas Paine, 1792
  • Dissertation of the First Principles of Government by Thomas Paine, 1795
  • Magna Cartaca 1350
  • The Federalist by Alexander Hamilton, 1788
  • Declaration of Independence 3rd Dunlap Printing, 1777
  • Constitution, 1828
  • Journal of the First Session of the Senate, 1789
  • The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, 1776