Goodrich Seminar Room Event

Founded in 2021, The Stephenson Institute for Classical Liberalism, with whom we proudly partnered on February 28th, 2023, stands as a student-centered, non-partisan academic hub. Aligned with our mission, the institute offers invaluable teaching, learning, and research avenues for motivated students and faculty at Wabash College and beyond, all sharing a profound interest in the workings and implications of a free society. Exploring core topics and areas of interest, the institute delves into individual liberty, questioning the potentials and limits of free speech and expression, probing into personal moral standards conducive to peace and prosperity, and assessing the necessary political and economic institutions for the protection and promotion of individual rights. It also examines personal responsibility, exploring consequences of paternalistic governance, causal relationships between civil society, government, and the market economy, and the role of religion in fostering a free, prosperous, and peaceful society.

Classical works exhibition included:
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