Frankenstein & AI — What Does it Mean to be Human?

On May 1st, we had the opportunity to partner with the IU Luddy School to host an event titled Echoes of Frankenstein in Modern AI and Learning: What Does it Mean to be Human? Here we stepped into a realm where literature meets cutting edge technology, finding many parallels between Frankenstein and AI. Panelists had the opportunity to engage with the robot, asking it many questions throughout the evening. The panelists for this event included Fawzi BenMessaoud, Eugenio Culurciello, Chris Henderson, Kevin J. Jones, Ben Park, Dennis Trinkle, and our very own Chris Talley with Dan Miller moderating the evening. And a special thank you to Fawzi BenMessaoud and Habib Agrebi for the creation of the robot used during the discussion. If you were unable to attend but are interested in what was discussed, here is a link to a live stream of the entire event

Classical Works Exhibition Included:

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, 1845

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke, 1690

On the Virtues of Women and the Parallel Lives by Plutarch, 1485

Dialogues of Plato by Plato, 1767-1780

Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, 1883

Meditations Concerning Himself by Marcus Aurelius, 1635

Fawzi BenMessaoud - AI Advisor

Fawzi BenMessaoud - AI Advisor

Creator of Frankenstein AI Robot

With over three decades immersed in higher education, Fawzi BenMessaoud stands as a distinguished educator, administrator, and academic pioneer across both campus and corporate spectrums. Since 2001, his leadership has been pivotal as an active accreditation team chair and evaluator. Moreover, his expertise extends to the tech realm, where he has spearheaded numerous international software development projects.

 Dr. BenMessaoud’s multifaceted career includes a significant stint as an intelligence analyst. This foundation equipped him to instruct intelligence courses, ultimately culminating in his selection by the FBI as a special agent. A notable achievement is his design and development of an information security systems program, which, aligning with the National Security Agency Information Assurance standards, garnered approval from the NSA’s Committee on National Security Systems in 2007.

 In the realm of academic content creation, BenMessaoud has led diverse teams, championing the design, development, and delivery of comprehensive materials, inclusive of cutting-edge interactive learning and assessment tools. His collaboration with industry titan Jack Welch resulted in the inception of the esteemed Jack Welch MBA program, now integral to the Jack Welch Management Institute.

 His forward-thinking approach to education saw him fuse lab simulations with online platforms to offer information security courses. This innovation was recognized among the top 101 Best Practices in Integrating Technology with Higher Education in 2005 by Campus Technology magazine. His latest endeavor in AI for Education gained prominent acknowledgment in the EDUCAUSE 2022 Horizon Report and was showcased at the 2023 World AI Cannes Festival and the 2023 EDUCAUSE conference in addition to earning a SEIRI 2023 grant. Complementing these accolades, BenMessaoud has been a regular feature at global conferences, sharing insights on instructional technologies, AI, and the seamless integration of technology in education.