Constitution Day Fishers Library Event

We had the opportunity to participate in the James Madison Constitution Day Program on Monday, September 18, 2023, organized by the Carmel-based Winged Victory Foundation (WVF). Collaborating with the Hamilton East Public Library, WVF aimed to advance liberty through storytelling and the performing arts. The program featured an engaging appearance by James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, with U.S. Constitution expert John Holmes serving as the moderator and facilitator in the Center Room. Following the compelling performance, attendees had the opportunity to explore The Remnant Trust Exhibit in the East Room. The exhibit showcased significant historical documents, including an original U.S. Constitution, Magna Carta, and authentic correspondence and letters penned by James Madison himself. We want to express our deep appreciation for being part of this enriching event, where guests celebrated America, cherished liberty, and had the unique chance to meet the visionary Father of the U.S. Constitution, James Madison.

Classical works exhibition included:
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