Excerpts from: Americanism Redux: March 7, on the journey to the American Founding, 250 years ago today, in 1774

In the winter’s final weeks, relationships everywhere in colonial life are under strain, made worse by the imperial crisis over the tea protests. And that’s even with no one knowing exactly what the British imperial government’s formal response will be. The colonies of Massachusetts and New York are case studies this week in the complexity of relationships. They are also the scenes where new possibilities in laws and political strategies are being explored. The first week of March in 1774 is filled with drama.

In England two moments in particular echo into the future. George III has made his decision about which direction to take in formulating a policy response to the tea protests. Also, a bookseller named Edward Dilly boxes up and sends to John Adams an extraordinary book for an extraordinary reason.

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Reference: The Remnant Trust Collection

The book’s author is represented in The Remnant Trust archives. He is James Burgh, author of “The Dignity of Human Nature”, Item (#0408). Burgh’s works, both here in TRT’s holdings and in the book Dilly gave to Adams, emphasizes the individual’s pursuit of happiness and the ways in which a new government could be designed to encourage such an outcome. Dilly hopes that Adams will use Burgh’s ideas to build a new government, if or when it becomes necessary.

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