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Politiques, or Discourses of Government by Aristotle


First English Edition. Entitled, “Aristotles Politiques, Or Discovrses of Government,” this edition of Aristotle’s “Politiques” was published in 1598 in London and translated from the 1568 French edition. “Politiques” was written by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle in 350 BCE. It is divided into eight books and then into chapters. In the work, Aristotle ponders topics such as the relationship between the state and the individual, characteristics of an ideal state, the ideal education system, and the purpose of amassing wealth.

“Politiques” has had a significant impact on the world and discusses major questions that are still being debated today. In addition, the work is incredibly important part of world history and has influenced the minds of great thinkers through the generations.

TITLE: Aristotles Politiques, Or Discovrses of Government

Published: 1598
Catalogue: #0027

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