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On Liberty by John Stuart Mill


First Edition. “On Liberty” is John Stuart Mill’s classic defense of freedom where Mill attempts to apply his system of Utilitarianism to society and the state and tries to establish the principle values of relationship between authority and liberty. In addition, Mill focuses on individuality and its importance as well as his three basic liberties: freedom of thought and emotion, freedom to pursue tastes, and freedom to unite. Also included in the work are Mill’s three oppositions to government intervention and his two principles of conduct for relationships of the individual to society.

While “On Liberty” was influential and well received, it did face criticism for its disconnection with Utilitarianism and its ambiguity. However, the concepts and ideas Mill undertook in “On Liberty” still remain the basis of liberal political thought and a commonplace of democracy.

TITLE: On Liberty by John Stuart Mill

Published: 1859

Catalogue: #0242


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