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Odyssey by Homer


Second Edition, with illustrations, sculpture, and annotations. This volume is an illustrated translation of Homer’s “Odyssey,” translated into English by John Ogilby, entitled, “Homer, His Odysses Translated, Adorn’d with Sculpture and Illustrated with Annotations.” First published 1665, this work is considered one of the greatest illustrated editions of Homer’s work ever published. The “Odyssey” is an ancient Greek epic poem attributed to Homer. It is believed to have been composed around the end of eighth century B.C. in Ionia, the Anatolia region. The work mainly centers on Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, and his ten-year journey home after the fall of Troy. In his absence, it is assumed Odysseus has died, his wife, Penelope, and son, Telemachus, must handle a group of suitors who vie for Penelope’s hand in marriage. Eventually, Odysseus returns home and must deal with the problems that have arisen in his absence.

“Odyssey” has long been considered a timeless classic by scholars and one of the most significant works in the foundation of Western literature.

TITLE: Homer, His Odysses Translated, Adorn’d with Sculpture and Illustrated with Annotations.

Published: 1669
Catalogue: #1390

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