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Book of John


Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum in Ge’ez (an ancient South Semitic language from southern Eritrea and northern Ethiopia). This manuscript of the Book of John was produced in the nineteenth century and passed down through four generations. It was known as the “Family Bible.” The volume came from a village called Dabir Merreta Sebena, whose church was Kidanemehrret in Ethiopia.

The Book of John (Gospel of John) contains four sections: a prologue, declaring Jesus’ true identity; a description of Jesus’ ministry; an account of Jesus’ final night with his disciples, his passion, and resurrection; and an epilogue that tells of Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances, the prophecy and restoration of Peter, and the fate of the Beloved Disciple, John the Evangelist.

The Book of John is from the fourth of the canonical gospels, after the Gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

TITLE: Book of John

Manuscript Date: Mid 19th Century

Catalogue: #1279


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