“Benjamin Harrison: Geopolitical Foundations of the American Century”

Salon Discussion | Dan Miller | June 28, 2023

“The past is in constant motion, alive and living. It is everything that has ever happened down to this sliver of time we call the present. Only this sliver of the present stands between the past and the future. It should therefore not surprise us when we realize that, without any consent of ours, the past has already affected the future and the future has already welcomed the past.” —Daniel T. Miller, PhD, Historical Solutions

We continue the momentum of our first Great Conversation session by going from a global scale of geo-politics to an applied lesson in geo-political leadership. We will explore an exciting unknown—the presidency of Benjamin Harrison, the adopted Hoosier, and his heretofore under-appreciated vision and insights into the American role in geo-political affairs. It will be, essentially, a walk through Harrison’s vision of an alternative American future. Brief selections from four works in the remarkable Wisdom of the Ages Athenaeum provided by the Remnant Trust will be featured in this discussion.

Geopolitical Foundations of the American Century as informed by classical works:

An Oration Delivered on the battlefield of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln, 1863
Where is the world in the Gettysburg Address?

Politics, by Aristotle, 4th century BC
What are the elements of a great city, and how does a great city interact with external entities

The Federalist Papers, No. 22, Alexander Hamilton, 1788
What is the basic and fundamental source of legitimate authority in a vibrant American republic?

Triumphant Democracy, or Fifty Years March of the Republic, by Andrew Carnegie, 1888
What does the American republic offer to the world?


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