Becknology™ Days and Field Days 2023

Thank you to Beck’s Hybrids for generously hosting our extraordinary collection at this year’s Becknology™ Days in Atlanta, Indiana. In the heart of innovation, we were honored to share the timeless wisdom preserved within our rare manuscripts with attendees from all walks of life. Beck’s Hybrids’ commitment to fostering intellectual growth and exploration aligns seamlessly with our mission to preserve and share humanity’s literary heritage. Together, we sowed the seeds of curiosity about the roots of freedom!
As we reflect on this remarkable collaboration, we’re reminded that just as Beck’s Hybrids nurtures the growth of crops, they’ve also nurtured the growth of minds through the pages of history.
We also displayed our works at two Field Day events in Henderson, Kentucky and Effingham, Illinois. A deep thank you to Beck’s Hybrids for allowing us to bloom alongside their technological marvels.

How to Search Wisdom of the Ages Athenaeum Catalog

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Then Type the text you want to search for in the text box on the Find toolbar. The Find Function will search for occurrences of the complete word you type in the text box.

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